What I’ve Learned in My First Six Months of Marriage…or…The Gift of the (Newlywed) Magi…

The biggest thing that I’ve learned in the first six months of marriage is just to loosen up and try things your spouse’s way.  For those of you that think of me as very loose and carefree, it might surprise you that I find comfort in patterns.  I like find a way of doing things that works and then I keep doing it.  For example: I realize that it’s good for the pipes in the shower to drain, so I leave the the shower knob halfway between “shower” and “tub” so it drains fully.  Becky thinks that it should be turned all the way down to drain fully.  I decided to take the one thing I’ve learned about marriage to heart and do this one, small thing her way.  How hard is going to be to remember to turn the knob all the way down?  I can do this one thing for her, it will make her happy, and probably won’t effect our pipes one way or the other.

The problem is that I kept forgetting to do this one, simple thing.  Every time I shower I find that I gain left the toggle-knob was in the half-way position.  Every time and swear that at the end of the shower I’ll remember, but alas…each time I get in I realize that the knob is back half-way.  I feel really bad that I can’t remember to do this one small thing for Becky.  To my surprise it frustrated Becky just as much, but not for the reason I thought.  A couple of days ago Becky seemed upset and told me, “I’ve been trying to leave the knob half-way like you like it, but I keep forgetting!  Everytime I get in the shower I realize that I left it all the way down!  I keep trying to remember, but I just can’t!”  I smile as I realize that we both had the same plan to make each other happy, but wound up foiling each other.  O. Henry would be proud.

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