Happy Feet: Agenda Unmasked

I, of course, have not yet seen The Golden Compass because I believe the reports from Bill Donohue that “The Golden Compass” promotes atheism to kids, but I can tell you that if your kids have seen Happy Feet, they will be able to survive the dangers of Philip Pullman’s books. Pullman fully admits to his intentions to reject the faith that was handed to them, but if they have been trained to be free from doubt they are in no risk. This is why Happy Feet is a far more dangerous because unlike the anti-orthodoxy stance of Pullman’s film, Happy Feet does not promote atheism but instead plants the seeds of doubt that will work their way slowly into your kids’ minds. It pretends to be a pro-ecology film disguised as a kids movie, but this is exactly what the film studio wanted you to think…so that you wouldn’t realize it’s anti-faith themes.

For example, Glen Beck, conservative radio host, called it an “animated version of An Inconvenient Truth” and Neil Cavuto, one of the Fox News anchors, said “I half expected Al Gore to pop up!” but only Michael Medved picked up on it’s darker, more sinister messages, “There’s also a bizarre anti-religious bias operating unmistakably and gratuitously in the film…” How can you miss it? If you think that
The Golden Compass will make your child start considering the nature and purpose of religion on a deeper level, what do you think they’ll do when they watch happy feet? They will start thinking that it’s acceptable to have ideas different than the accepted dogma! Absolute faith is the only thing that keeps your children safe from open-mindedness, and only a complete lack of doubt will protect them from the ability to explore theological ideas on their own.

If you’ve seen the film (and I hope you haven’t) think about it. Here you have a community living in complete harmony with each other and their God. They have practiced this orthodoxy for thousands of years and they are perfectly happy following Noah (You know, named after the guy who saved us at the first catastrophe of mankind.) on his righteous path. A free-thinker comes along and plants the seeds of doubts in the minds of his fellow youth that perhaps…just perhaps…it’s okay to have your own ways of doing thing that differs from the accepted systems. When he is shunned (and rightly so) for pursuing these dangerous ideas, he drops the big one…that maybe there’s something out there more important than the rules and orthodoxy…perhaps the greater power isn’t exactly what you “know” it to be!

I urge the Catholic League to urge Christians to urge each other to stay away from this movie precisely because of this slippery slope to walk down: first comes doubt, then comes free thinking, then comes the ability to come to new and radical understandings of God. Luckily the movie has been quickly buried in the back shelves of Blockbuster before it did too much damage, but children can still find it…and if they can find that movie, they may be able to find others like Dumbo or Footloose…or The Crucible…and no parent who wants to bring their children up in absolute faith will want these movies in their home. Dumbo teaches that it’s okay to be different than the crowd…Footloose takes it a step farther and teaches that it’s okay to act differently…The Crucible takes it over the top and teaches that it’s okay to actually think differently than your communinity…and we all know that thinking is more dangerous than any other act. We must put an end to it in our children.

It is important that all Christians, especially those with children or grandchildren, do whatever it takes to keep these kinds of movies out of their homes. Anyone who pays attentions to the dangerous undertones of these films will be armed with all the ammunition they need to convince friends and family members that there is nothing innocent about individuality, iconoclasm, and radical thinking. After all, look at the life of Jesus Christ: he didn’t stir up trouble or encourage people to question their orthodoxy. He never caused anyone to have a radical thought or caused people to break away from their religion with a new and fresh outlook on spirituality. He…oh wait, he did, didn’t he? Okay forget that example. Think about Abraham, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul!

Please get the word out, and remember the words of Noah, “Stop this unruly nonsense! Stop it right now! A little self-control if you please! You bring this disorder and this abhorration to the very heart of our community. Have you lost your mind? Harmless? It is this kind of backsliding that has brought the scarcity upon us! Don’t you understand that we can only survive here when we’re in harmony? Dissent leads to division, and division leads us to doom!” a truer word was never spoken…and this move ridicules such views!

…and Happy Feet’s response?

“There are things we don’t understand…mysteries…mind-boggling mysteries.” What kind of messsage is that to send to little kids? We need more moves that tell kids “We understand everything! Everything we believe is right, and there’s no need to think about it because it’s just true!” Where are the movies like that these days?

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2 Responses to Happy Feet: Agenda Unmasked

  1. Shannno says:

    Tremendously satirical fun, Jason! Have you been reading “I Am America (And So Can You)”? This post reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s tone and sarcasm. If you haven’t read it, I think you might enjoy it.

  2. jtyne says:

    I refuse on the basis that I am America.

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