I didn’t realize that I was such a stereotype.

Mrs. T-Z suggested a while back that we have themed rooms in our house.  She simply meant that we could put all the Africana in the living room and all our friends’ artwork in the bedroom.  I, of course, take everything to extremes so I decided that every room in the apartment needed a theme.  Luckily with only four rooms in our apartment, this just left the kitchen and the bathroom.  The kitchen would obviously be for food-related decorations, and after much deliberation decided that the bathroom should be the black-and-white photography room. 

We don’t have that much black-and-white photography, but luckily we don’t have that much wall-space in our bathroom.  Our “theme” consists of two pictures.  One of Washington Square Park from Becky’s college years, and one of me from temple.  As I was hanging it, I commented on how thin I was back then. 

Mrs. T-Z says, “Yeah, I’m surprised that you still fit into those jeans.” 

She smirks at me, and I realize that I was wearing the same black Levis jeans as I was in the photograph.  I know that she’s commenting on my style of dress (or lack thereof) rather than my weight. 

I say, “Some things you just hold on to, you know?”

She suggests that it might be time to invest in a new pair of jeans.  I take the jeans and put them in the Goodwill pile to go to a new home.

The next day I go into work as I normally do.  It’s a pretty laid-back office, so I don’t need to wear a tie or anything.  Instead I usually go for the sweater-over-a-button-down-shirt look.  Boss-lady looks at me and tells me that I look “exactly like a theater director”.  She goes down a list of what she’s always imagined directors to look like: charcoal sweater over a colorful shirt, hair that says “I’ve got more important things to do than get a haircut”, and just a touch of facial hair. 

“The only thing that’s missing” she says, “is a pair of black jeans.  I always think of directors wearing the same ratty pair of black Levis that they have for decades, but your black slacks are nice too.” 

“Actually,” I say “funny thing about that…”

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