I don’t care that Obama’s a Muslim, but for the reason you might think.

If you think you know me, you might think that I would never believe the rumors that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Well, surprise.  I believe it, but it doesn’t bother me to have an Islamic president.  We have a long history of effective Islamic presidents in this country. 

Here is a picture that proves that George Bush, our current president, is also a Muslim.  

Here’s one that shows without a doubt that Clinton is also a Muslim. 

Since it’s been irrevocably proven that the Bill is Muslim, should it surprise anyone that Hilary is also one? 

Basically if you’re a democrat, you’re being asked to choose between to Islamic candidates. 

While Obama is obviously a closeted Islamic, I think he’s still going to be a better president than a closeted Islamic Jew.  How can Clinton possibly deny being a Jew after this picture was leaked to the Internet?

At least he’s not a communist like our current president! 

In closing, I fully support Obama.  As a Muslim extremest we all know that he cannot bear to hold his hand to his heart out of respect for our national anthem, but we’ve all seen how the current president mocks our patriotism by standing during the anthem and pledging his allegiance to our country from his bowels. 

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2 Responses to I don’t care that Obama’s a Muslim, but for the reason you might think.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hilarious!! I love it. Couldn’t find any shots of McCain in religious garb? Guess that means we’ll have to elect him…

  2. jtyne says:

    No, but he is gay.

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