Spitzer? I hardly know her!

The im/morality of prostitution is a subject I’ll leave to the feminists and economists to debate, but whichever side of the argument you take everyone objects to Spitzer using state funds to travel to and from his sexual exploits, rent the hotel rooms for said sexual exploits, and doing it on time when he should have been working for the state.  Even if you don’t believe prostitution should be illegal, all New Yorkers seem to agree that misuse of state funds is wrong.  This is why the IRS brought Spitzer in and not the FBI. 

So where does that leave us?  Should it take an action that is dubiously moral to get our attention that government leaders should not misuse state funds?   I think that to be consistent with the execution of the Spitzer case, we should demand consistent resignations for misuse of state funds.

Is your governor using a state plane for personal business? 

“I’m sorry, sir…did you use the state plane to go on a golfing trip?  We’re going to have to ask you to resign.” 

Is your government official charging a hotel room for non-job related expenses?

“I’m sorry, sir…the ski lodge doesn’t count as a hotel expense for your position.  We’re going to have to ask you to resign.” 

Is your president using government property for personal use?

“I’m sorry, Mr. President…You spent three weeks at Camp David this month when you were supposed to be running the country.  By now you’ve probably made it unconstitutional to ask you to resign, but could you at least run the country for a week or two before taking another vacation?  Thanks.”

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