The Casting Game: King Lear

Round one of the casting game is to take the show you’re working on and cast it with famous people, your “dream cast”.

King Lear – Vincent Price

Bebe Neuwirth
Goneril – Bebe Neuwirth

Susan Sarandon
Regan – Susan Sarandon

Christina Ricci 
Cordelia – Christina Ricci

Kelsey Grammer
Albany – Kelsey Grammer

Barry Bostwick
Cornwall – Barry Bostwick

Brad Pitt
Edmund – Brad Pitt

Edgar – Alfonso Freeman

Morgan Freeman
Gloucester – Morgan Freeman

Bruce Willis
Kent – Bruce Willis

Johnny Depp
Fool – Johnny Depp

France – Kick Gurry

David Hyde Pierce
Oswald – David Hyde Pierce

Round two of the casting game is to take the show you’re working on and cast it with muppets. (The cast must include at least one human guest-star and must be at least half muppets.)

EDIT: 04/01/2008

I got it!  The main cast came together easily, but I was having trouble casting the Gloucester family.  At first I thought it would be funny to have Scooter play Gloucester. (I’ll let you figure our why.  It might take you a while, but the same joke works with his replacement.  You’ll get it.)  Then I picked Sam as the pretentious bastard and Sweetums as the sweet brother because I thought they were good types.  Better than that would be Scooter playing Edgar, and Skeeter playing Edmund.  She’s kind of the bastard muppet anyway…here’s the final cast:

King Lear – Peter Ustinov

Miss Piggy
Goneril – Miss Piggy

Regan – Janice

Prairie Dawn
Cordelia – Prairie Dawn

Albany – Kermit

Cornwall – Gonzo

Edmund – Skeeter

Edgar – Scooter

Gloucester – Scooter

Michael Douglas
Kent – Michael Douglas

Fool – Fozzie

Guy Smiley
France – Guy Smiley

Oswald – Robin

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