Quantitative proof that political correctness has gone too far.

I’m not a comedian, so I’m not here to rehash any of the old jokes about “bald people” being “follicly impaired”.  That’s a bad leftover joke from the P.C. craze that swept through several years ago, but it was such a strong fad that was mostly forgotten that we’ve forgotten how much it’s impacted us and how we treat other people.  “Homeless person” is a better example of this than “follicly impaired” since the former is a moniker we actually use.  When I was a kid visiting New York City for the first time, we called people living on the streets “bums”.  Now they’re “homeless people”.  The question is whether elevating a bum to the status of “homeless person” actually helps them.  I’ve done research on the subject and, in fact, it’s actually debilitating to their livelihood to deny them their bum status.  Here are the facts:

Salary Comparison

Given that choice, wouldn’t you rather be a bum than be homeless?

Interesting Blog Stat for the day:

My King Lear post generated triple-digits on my blog.  I guess dropping famous people’s pictures is the way to go rather than just name dropping.  I looked up exactly what people were looking for when they stumbled upon my blog.  These are terms people used to find my blog:

Search Views
johnny depp 20
christina ricci 13
kermit 5
susan sarandon 5
depp 2
christina ricci’s feet 1

Christina Ricci’s feet?  Really?  Weird…

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