so·phis·ti·cate (s-fist-kt) 1. To make less naive and more worldly.

I’m definitely the least sophisticated person at The Fashion School, but I cover it well…usually.  My combination of sports-jacket-and-jeans or a full-suit-with-converse makes it seem like I have the funky-office-alternative look down pat.  I especially get tickled with our design professors and industry professionals come in and compliment me on my look, but once in a while my Philistine nature betrays me:

Last week, several Professional Seminar teachers were in the office preparing for a lecture on dinner-interviews…specifically where to place your silverware at the end of the meal.  They disagree over the twelve-to-six position or the ten-to-four position, and look to me. 

I laugh and say, “Oh, I’m the wrong person to ask.  I never eat at any place fancier than TGI Fridays.” 

They all laugh…the laughter is followed by an awkward pause…and a bewildered, “Really?” 

I laugh and say “Of course not.”

We all share a good laugh as I wonder if Cooper’s Tavern would be considered a step up or a step down from Friday’s.

Yesterday there was a student in my office, and her necklace caught my eye.  It was a silver heart on which was engraved the word TACO.  I thought this was hilarious and exactly the type of irony that I love.  I complimented her “Taco Necklace”. 

“Taco?  What do you mean ‘Taco’?” 

“There…on your charm.  I love it.  I mean a silver charm that says ‘Taco’ is awesome.” 

“Um…it says ‘Tiffany and Company’.” 

Sure enough what I had thought was an A was actually an ampersand.  “T&CO” makes infinitely more sense.

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2 Responses to so·phis·ti·cate (s-fist-kt) 1. To make less naive and more worldly.

  1. Quiconque says:

    It makes infintely more sense to express love for a taco than a jewelry company.

  2. Jason Tyne says:

    Agreed…where can I buy a taco charm?

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