Speaking of Notable Theater…

It’s the end of another academic year, so it’s time for my end-of-the-year review of Theater.  Here are the 2007/2008 Tyne Awards for Excellence in Theater (that I’ve Seen):

Best Broadway Play: August Osage County (Steppenwolf Theatre Company)

Best Broadway Musical: Spamalot (Eric Idle)

Best Off-Broadway Play: After-Dark (Striking Viking Story Pirates)

Best Off-Broadway Musical: Chosen (Dysfunctional Theatre Company)

Best Short Play: Gerry (The Drilling Company)

Best Event: Shut Up!  I Hate You! (Upright Citizens Brigade Theater)

Best Musical Event: Blue Man Group (Blue Man Productions)

Best Actor: Frank Zelinyi (The Invisible Man)

Best Actress: Amy Morton (August Osage County)

Best Actor in a Musical: Jonathan Hadary (Spamalot)

Best Actress in a Musical: Helen Mallon (The Wolves in the Wall)

Best Actor in a Short Play: Adam Purvis (DeCADEnce)

Best Actress in a Short Play: Christina Augello (Her Majesty)

Best Improv Group: Fried & Mandeville (Matt Fried and Jess Mandeville)

Best Improv Show:  Teen Movie High (Gotham City Improv)

Best Improv Actor: Sean Hart (Fwand)

Best Improv Actress: Rhea Dates (Threat)

Best Direction in a Play:  Daniel Sullivan (Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Best Direction of a Musical: Rick Vorndran (The Chosen)

Best Direction of a Short Play: Guilherme “Guil” Parreiras (The 4H Club)

Best Choreography: Dax Valdes (Honor)

Best Live Music: Blue Man Group (Blue Man Productions)

Best Scenic Design: Eugene Lee (Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Best Costume Design:Crouch (Wolves in the Wall)

Best Lighting Design: Evan Purcell (Honor)

Special Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theater: Akia Squitieri (Rising Sun Performance Company)

Best Theater Group/Company: Barrett and Goldman (Rififi’s)

Special Award: Subway Series (For Pushing the Limits of People’s Expectations of Improv)

…oh, and as always…trophies are available on demand…

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2 Responses to Speaking of Notable Theater…

  1. Helen Mallon says:

    Hi there,
    I was messing about on the web and I saw your site. Thank you very much for voting me best actress in a musical-you’ve made my day lots of love Helen x

  2. Jason Tyne says:

    Wow…you just made -my- day! If you’re ever back in New York, I’ll make sure to get you your trophy!

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