For those of you that are interested enough in The Handsome Room:

People have asked me for the story of the name “The Handsome Room”.  It was a discovery that actually came from one of the hardest decisions of getting married:One of the things that Peeps and I decided early on was that we wouldn’t be held my any conventions of society to which we didn’t choose to be held. We made every decision of the wedding with this in mind: the dress, the cake, and…finally…our last name. Although the length didn’t appeal to us, hyphenating became the best option. Zimmerman-Tyne didn’t roll trippingly off the tongue, so we went with Tyne-Zimmerman.

For a while we played with the idea of a portmanteau. (As a carrollophile it appealed to me because, like a traveling case with two compartments, there are two meanings packed up into one word.) Zimmertyne ran a close second, and I’m still rather fond of it. Especially when I realized the secret meaning hidden within.Zimmerman comes from the German words Zimmer (Room) and Man; the “Room-Man” is the man who builds rooms: a carpenter…just like my father-in-law. Tyne has a different meaning depending on which member of my family you ask. If you asked my grandfather, he would have told you it meant everything from tall and chiseled to rich and successful depending on his particular mood that day. In the end it has a masculine connotation of attractive, so let’s say it means “handsome”…just like my father.  Zimmer+Tyne then means The Handsome Room, and what better image of a marriage could there be of two people from separate houses building one Handsome Room together?


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