Apartment Move Successful! Thanks to the T’s and the Z’s!

We still haven’t unpacked the boxes. Not from lack of trying, but because we’ve been daunted by our own packing system. Obviously I’ve already unpacked the boxes marked “CPU”, “Monitor”, and “Keyboard and Wires”. There was a slight delay because one of the wires I thought was in “Computer Stuff” but was actually in “Printer and Stuff”. Obviously by the overuse of the word “stuff” on the boxes, the longer we packed the more our labeling system broke down. Here’s a random sampling of some boxes sitting around me in the order that they were packed:

1. Bedroom Mirror
2. Kitchen (Glasses)
3. CD’s and DVD’s
4. Speakers and xBox
5. Pet Supplies*
6. School Stuff
7. Papers and Binders
8. Shoes and Clothes
9. Books, Medicine, and Games
10. Makeup, Batteries, Tall Boots, Baskets, Napkin Holders, Apples to Apples
11. Pencils, Pens, Posters, Fabric, Purses, Britney Spears Voodoo Doll, Water Bottles, Paint, Photographs, Dice, Dustbuster
12. Miscellaneous Bags
13. Miscellaneous Wires and Strings
14. Miscellaneous Scissors, Knives, Pencil Sharpener, and Incense
15. Miscellaneous Fragile and Not Fragile
16. Miscellaneous Stuff
17. Becky’s Stuff
18. Stuff
19. More Stuff
20. (This box just has a nervous scribble across it as if the writer had a breakdown trying to figure out how to label it.)

* We don’t own a pet.

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3 Responses to Apartment Move Successful! Thanks to the T’s and the Z’s!

  1. James says:


    Thanks for getting back to me on my blog-in-progress.

    I can let you know tomorrow about my friend’s group that may want to perform too.

    Good luck with getting settled at your new place!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Why did that make me laugh so much?
    Umm…what kind of supplies do you have for your non-existent pet???

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