Two Posts in One Day? This must be important. Fusion is Change!

Working Families for Obama

Line E: Working Families for Obama

If you’re like me, when you get to the voting booth, you immediately get sick of having to choose the lesser of 2 evils at the voting booth.

For once I’m thrilled to be voting for a man like Obama, but still a little bit disappointed that I’m voting for the less terrible of 2 huge criminal organizations.

Many people I’ve talked to about this who would like a third alternative, but third parties aren’t too common in America, and there’s a reason why.

Too often, voting for a third party candidate means casting your ballot for someone you know doesn’t have much hope of winning or, even worse, helping out the candidate you like the least (think Nader’s impact in Florida, 2000).

If you live in New York, you have the opportunity to vote for Obama and support the growth of third-parties in national politics.

It’s called “fusion”.

New York is one of the few states with “fusion” voting, where one candidate can be endorsed by multiple parties.

It gives voters a way to vote their values without spoiling an election.

Consider voting Obama on the Working Families ticket; it’s the Same Vote but with Different Values.

Fusion is scary to the Democrats and Republicans, so it’s been outlawed in most states, but in New York it is still possible for a candidate to be nominated by two different parties.

Barack Obama will appear on your ballot twice in New York—first under the Democratic Party, and then again on line E, the ballot line of New York’s growing progressive third party.

If want to express that your politics aren’t necessarily that of the Democratic Party or that you’re a free thinker that wants more than two options in the future, you can vote Obama on the Working Families line (Row E) instead of the Democratic Party Line.

Voting for Barack Obama on the Working Families Party line counts exactly the same for his presidential race—and it also strengthens one of the most powerful ways that we can push the Democrats and Republicans to be more bold and progressive.

Whenever a third party gains momentum, the Big Two sit up and take notice.

In the two-party system, neither party really needs to be that progressive…in fact in a two-party system, it only hurts the party to be progressive…unless threatened by a third party.

Once a third party, like the Working Families Party, gains just a little momentum, then the two major start moving.

There’s a history of the interests of a third party being assumed by the two major parties, and although the third party didn’t ever get in power it caused a quantum leap in the Democratic Party.

This kind of change has happened before, and we can make it happen again by voting third party.

If you really believe in change, voting for Barack Obama through an alternative party is the way to go!

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