Help me out here… My improv team is playing Bigger or Better…

This is one of my ideas with too many rules, so many in fact that when I explained it on my “first draft” blog it was still way too confusing.  Here’s the basic idea behind bigger and better:

If you want to hear how that fits into my improv team’s tournament, let me know and I’ll tell you the whole story.  If you don’t, here’s the short version.  We currently have an SNL deluxe-edition Trivial Pursuit game with DVD.  We will give it to you if you can give us something bigger, better, or somehow cooler. 

Do you have several cool board games that you don’t play anymore?  That’s bigger. 

Do you have a WII game that you’re already tired of?  That’s better.

Do you have concert tickets for an event this summer that you can’t use?  That’s cooler.

See what you have around the house to trade and make us an offer!

(This game also makes an excellent Christmas present.)

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