Leaked! Check out a preview of the “Saw VI” script (that I wrote).



          Help! Someone help me!

(He stops when he hears a loud dragging sound somewhere in the room. He looks out into the darkness and calls out.)

Is someone there? Hey!

(in a slightly softer but still panicked voice)

Shit, I’m probably dead.

(Suddenly, from out within the darkness comes a man’s low, raspy voice. It startles Adam. The voice, we will soon learn, belongs to LAWRENCE.)


          You’re not dead.


          Who’s that? Who’s that?!


(his voice strangely a bit on the calm side, and almost irritated with Adam’s reaction to the situation. This shall be his tone for many scenes to come.)

There’s no point in yelling, I already tried it.


          Turn on the lights!


          Would if I could.


Shh! Hang on a second, I think I found something.

(With a loud click and an even louder buzzing sound, the very bright fluorescent lights come to life. As they come on, Adam is nearly blinded by the sudden change from pitch black to bright white and squints in pain, holding up his arms to cover his face. It takes him a moment but his eyes finally start to adjust, and he looks around the room. He and we see Lawrence, who also winces from the glare of the lights, chained to the wall hanging over a radiator.  There is a shot glass under one of his feet. He wears a blue button-down dress shirt, now soaked with sweat stains.)

(He is sweating so profusely due to the heat of the radiator that he is literally dripping with sweat.  Lawrence’s eyes adjust to the light and he sees across the room.  Then, his gaze starts towards the center of the room, as does Adam’s, a look of horror on his face. We see a gallon-sized pot of water on a grill next to which lies several dozen hot dogs, cooked. To the left of the grill is a micro cassette recorder.)

(The shot cuts to Adam, who reels in shock and disgust.)


            What the fuck is this?


            Calm down, just calm down.

(He knows that to remain calm is to remain in control, something he must be no matter what the situation.)

  Are you hurt?

(Adam looks down at himself, shrugging slightly.)


            I don’t know!
(He pauses, touching himself to see if he is hurt.  When he touches his left pocket he feels something.  He pulls out a plastic baggie with a white envelope in it. He unfolds the baggie; the envelope says ADAM. He stares at it in his hands, wondering what it is. Adam reaches into the envelope, pulls out a micro cassette tape. A close up shows the words “Play Me” written on the tape label. Adam holds it in his hand, studying it.)


          What is that? 


(glances up briefly at Lawrence, then back down at the tape. His voice sounds slightly surprised.)

It’s a tape.

(He goes to the player, picks it up. He pops in the tape and presses play, holding the tape recorder out a bit so that they can both hear, but keeping his head tilted so he can hear better. A chilling deep, raspy, sinister male voice, The Jigsaw Killer, comes from the tape. As it speaks, Adam’s expression is fearful, but the thought “How does he know?” can be detected.)


(on tape)

Rise and shine, Adam. You’re probably wondering where you are. I’ll tell you where you might be. You might be in the room that you die in. Up until now, you simply sat in the shadows, letting others make choices from you But today is the day that you must make a decision for yourself.  If you don’t or can’t make this choice, you will remain locked in this room to die.  So are you going to watch yourself die today, Adam? Or do something about it?  The game is simple.  All you have to do is make a choice.

(Adam glances down at the tape recorder wide-eyed, then back up at Lawrence)
The choice is this.  Would you rather drink a gallon of hotdog water

(another view of the pot from Adam’s POV)

or would you rather do a shot of another man’s foot sweat.

(another view of the shot glass collecting Lawrence’s sweat)

Which would you rather do?  If you refuse to pick one, I’ll leave you in this room to rot. Let the game begin.

(The looks on each man’s face clearly say “Oh Shit”. From the tape Jigsaw’s maniacal laughing is heard.  Adam SCREAMS as loud as he can in terror and despair, “No! Don’t!!!” over and over and crying. The screams fade out, and is replaced by the ending titles and instrumental music.)

               THE END

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3 Responses to Leaked! Check out a preview of the “Saw VI” script (that I wrote).

  1. Zach says:

    very awesome lol
    if it were me…i’d do the hotdog water, even though I am utterly repulsed by hot dogs

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