Foie Gras: How can it be bad if it tastes so good?

So I’m running from one meeting to the next trying decide which portable food to have for dinner: a slice of NY pizza or a Gogurt. The pizza is tastier so it usually wins out, but Gogurt is easier to eat as you’re walking. If only Gogurt were tastier, they would have a solid product on their hands. The solution hits me walking from a very well-catered fashion event to an improv rehearsal. I had to leave the event early, so I missed out on the foie gras. The chef saw me leaving and called me to the back to make me try one…and another…and another. This stuff is amazing! I was tempted to be late for improv just so I could keep eating it, but I had a sense of obligation that compelled me more than tasty goose does.

…so I’m walking away from the event, my mouth watering with the taste of fattened goose liver still on my lips as I contemplate the choice of Gogurt. That’s when it hits me, the greatest invention since pizza-by-the-slice:

Portable Liver

Portable Liver

Fattened goose liver to eat on the go!

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