When you have eliminated the impossible…

…whatever remains…however improbable, must be the truth, but try telling this to my wife.  Consider the following facts:

My wedding ring is fairly unique.  I wanted a piece of Tanzanite to match my wife’s engagement ring.  We had to find a jeweler that knew how to bezel-set stones because that was the only way to set such a soft stone on a mens’ ring. 

Based on this evidence, what do you make of the following story?
The other day I’m sitting on the subway, and I notice that the man across from me has a similar wedding ring as I.  It’s uncannily similar…white gold with a purple stone.  I consider striking up a conversation on our coincidental choice of jewelry, but as I prepare to cross to him the train pulls into a station.  It’s loud and people are moving , so I wait to approach him.  As the train doors open he looks up at me, looks back down to his book, and then looks up at me again suddenly.  He then looks out the window, grabs his backpack, and bolts out of the doors that are already closing.

Now consider my hypothesis against my wife’s. 

My wife thinks that the man who happens to have the same stone as I noticed me staring at him and took umbrage and stared back.  He might have wanted to comment that I was staring, but then noticed that the train was at his stop and bolted out the door before he missed his stop. 

My theory is that the man across from me didn’t just have a similar ring; it was actually the same ring!  The man was likely an older version of me from the future who traveled back in time and was given strict instructions not to interact with past versions of himself.  When he made eye-contact with me, he didn’t recognize me at first because of my new Mohawk.  On second glance he realized that I was the younger version of himself and ran before the space-time continuum was forever and irreparably damaged. 

Which of those is more likely?  Two people with the same wedding ring?  I think not…
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2 Responses to When you have eliminated the impossible…

  1. Issac says:

    Too much Star Trek

    Love from Issac

  2. Jason Tyne says:

    …or perhaps Roddenberry was trying to tell us something.


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