I Only Save the World if I Don’t Have to Work

I keep wanting to save the world, but it’s so difficult. I keep getting invited to rallies for universal health care, but it’s always on a night when I have a show…or I’m tired…or I forget…or I just kind of don’t feel like going. I guess that makes me a bad person, because for all my talk I’m pretty lazy.

Changing the world his hard work.

I know there should be universal health care, but we pretty much have to fix the entire government before any plan like that will work.

I know the agricultural industrial complex is crippling the environment and poisoning my body, but I don’t have time to research each company that makes my food.

I know I shouldn’t store toxins in my house, but I don’t want to give up the comforts of my life!

…luckily I’ve found some of this can be solved with laziness!

Last week our shower drain was clogged…and we were out of Drain-O. I as too lazy to run to the bodega to buy some, and remembered something about clearing a clogged drain with baking soda and vinegar. Obviously something so green can’t work as well as Drain-O, but it was worth trying to save me a trip outside. Magically it worked! Just dump baking soda down, follow it up with vinegar, stop it
up if you can, wait, and then flush with hot water! Also amazingly, it’s actually more work to bring toxins into my house than to just use stuff I already have lying around.

I found the same is true with our New Year’s resolution. Based on a
lot of factors, Mrs. T-Z and I decided to stop buying meat. We’re not
against cruelty to animals, it’s more important to stop funding an industry that is detrimental to our environment, our bodies, and (eventually) our economy. Like I said, going to rallies against it is too much work, but like not buying Drain-O not buying meat
is a simple inaction. It’s actually easier to not do something than to do something. Obviously you have to buy something else if you’re not buying meat, but for me it’s usually buying more of what I would have bought anyway. Pick up an extra can of beans, an extra sweet potato, and and extra box of rice and I’ve just replaced a package of beef! It’s easier to pick up two cans of beans than a can of bean and a package of beef, isn’ it?

Given the choice between a shorter shopping trip and a longer shopping trip, I’ll choose the short.

Given the choice between bringing poisons into my house and not
bringing poisons into my house, Ill choose not bringing poisons into my


I’d like to say it’s because it’s the right thing to do, but really just because I’m lazy! 🙂

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