Tweetards, get over yourself.

Blogs and Tweets are nothing new.

The first recorded use of a “blog” dates back to 1774, when Samuel Adams detailed his account of the Boston Tea Party in a little known journal which he titled “The Boston Log.” Amongst friends and colleagues he would refer to it as his “blog.”  Adam’s blogged version of the event is as follows:

I am now to inform U of as a remarkable an event since teh commencement of our struggle 4 USA liberty.  Teh meeting of Boston, an account of which I enclosed in my last, was succeeded IRL by the arrival of teh ship Falmouth with 114 chests of teh E India Company’s T, on 11/28 last.  To which I reply, “WTF?  every chest of on board those 3 ships which had by this time arrived, 342 chests, or rather teh contents of them, was thrown into the sea.  UR pwnd!”  I have never B4 imagined the height of joy that sparkles in teh eyes n animates teh countenances as well as the hearts of all the PPL on this leet occasion. w00t!

Soon after this posting, Adams tweeted the following:

@EastIndiaCompany All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

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