Good News! One of Mrs. T-Z’s students is sick!

…with Swine Flu!  I’m really excited about this.  Here’s why:

09/11/2001 – 8:46 AM – I’m five blocks away from the Twin Towers.  I spend the next six hours hiding under my bed until the police come to evacuate my building because, in the policeman’s words, “your block is on fire”.  He tells me to pack an overnight bag, but I don’t see home for several weeks.

08/14/2003 – 4:15 PM – I’m living in Jersey and working in Spanish Harlem when the lights go out and the alarms go on.  Our building is evacuated as a precaution, but I can’t get home since the city was blacked out.  I walk from Spanish Harlem to the Bronx to spend the night on my friend’s floor.

12/20/2005 – 7:45 AM – Wake up in Brooklyn with plans of going into Manhattan to see the original cast of Spamalot while they’re still together.  I really considered walking to Broadway to see the cast since the subway was on strike.  I decided against it and stayed holed up in my apartment.

08/08/2007 – 6:22 AM – We are on our way home from our honeymoon and out of town when a tornado struck very near our Brooklyn apartment.  We were sleeping safe and sound in Lancaster, PA and were completely unharmed and in fact knew nothing of it.  We completely missed it. 

I will not let that happen again.  I have been a part of every major historical event in this city since I moved here, and I don’t intend to miss this one.  Mrs. T-Z is home sick, but I’m making her go in tomorrow, hug each student, throw away their tissues by hand, and kiss each on on the top of their heads!
I will be a part of this.
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