My personal stance against flyering in my neighborhood:

Since moving to the new apartment, any business that leaves a menu or a flyer in my front door is blacklisted.

Eventually I’d like to organize the neighborhood or start a website for a more effective boycott, but until that time my personal boycott will have to do.

As of yesterday, these are the companies that made my blacklist:
MET Supermarket
Pad Thai Restaurant
Amadeus Pizza
Dispatch Moving and Storage
24-Hour Locksmith

As of today they’ve been frequent offenders…but the only offenders.  There’s plenty of businesses in NYC that I choose not to frequent those that litter on my front stoop.

That was until…today.

This morning I found this on my doorstep:


Okay, New York businesses whose name begins with the letters A through Z, you’ve just been put on my boycott list.

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