Sometimes My Little Efforts to Save the World for You Feel So Very Futile

Isaac and Rainbow are educational theater performers that I admire for putting on shows for children on a variety of subjects.  One of their shows deals with water conservation.  It was a good show and I was a little bit sad when they dropped one of the bits from their show.  They used to emphasize that it’s important to turn off the water when we’re brushing our teeth, even though it’s just two minutes the waste of water adds up.  When I asked about it, they said that they made the decision when driving around the neighborhood and every house was watering their lawns all day, every day.  It was hard to focus on such a small waste of water when she was faced with their parents’ water waste on such a grand scale.  Why spend so much time and energy saving two minutes of water out of the bathroom faucet when it would be impossible to stop the amount of water wasted by their parents to keep their lawns the perfect shade of green?

I face the same type of disparagement with air conditioning.

Mrs. TZ and I generally keep our air conditioner at an even 80 degrees.  We don’t like to use our air conditioning due to the unnecessary damage the collective use of AC does to the environment, but we just moved into an apartment directly above the boiler and sometimes the heat is just unbearable.  If we can keep it to just under 80 degrees in our apartment, we feel comfortable enough.  There’s then no need to push the air conditioner lower and adversely affecting the world.  Part of my responsibility in the apartments (I work there.) is to inspect apartments after residents move out.  I recently went inspecting a dozen apartments three days after the residents moved out, and literally each and every apartment I inspected had their air conditioner on, blasting full power, with the thermostat set to 60 degrees.  I can only imagine that since this is how they kept their apartment when no one was living there that they probably had it going full 24/7 while they were living there.

What kind of positive impact could my energy conservation have against that kind of waste?  Judge me if you will, but after I post this I’m turning down my AC to 77 degrees.

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