The Jesus Year: What did you achieve by the time you were thirty-three?

At the age of thirty Jesus started his ministry; three years later he saved all of humanity.  Turning thirty-three is your “Jesus Year”, and it’s a tough act to foll.  When I turned thirty I made it a plan to top Jesus in three years time.  Two years later I was no further than I was when I put myself on this quest, but finally six-months away from the deadline I achieved my goal.

Did you save anyone from eternal damnation, you might ask.

No, I did not.  That’s been done, but there’s more than one way to measure success.  I recently started working for CUNY, a city school, so I’m being paid by the mayor.  More specifically, I’m being paid by the taxpayers of New York City, of which I am one…so, basically I’m working for myself.  I’m self-employed!

…and Jesus?

Well, he worked for his dad his whole life.

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