Speaking of Joe Wilson, what’s wrong with aliens getting healthcare?

At the last poker night, my home-made bruschetta was gone the men-folk needed man-food.

Pizza was ordered and then the inevitable question was asked, “Who’s chipping in?”

All I had was a five, someone else handed me a two singles which I pocketed, and then someone found a tenner to make sure we were covered.  After the pizza guy was happy, more people fished out their singles to give to the guy who dropped the ten.  In the end everyone had a slice, but we lost track of who had paid what.  There are two scenarios that could have happened.  First, everyone might have given Mr. Sawbuck three bucks. Considering the fact that each slice averaged to $2.25, everyone was overpaying by 75 cents and Mr. Sawbuck wound up pocketing the profits. He goes home eight bucks richer and gets his pizza for free. This is out current healthcare plan. We are overpaying into a pizza system rather than actually paying for a slice, allowing Mr. Sawbuck to profit without actually giving you service. Luckily in our case everyone got a slice, but in the healthcare system even after paying into it for years you can easily be denied the pizza you deserve. The next scenario is more likely knowing my friends.  I know I paid two bucks in, two people paid three, and Mr. Sawbuck paid seven.  After that I stopped keeping track, and likely no one else paid for their pizza.  This means that the four of us overpaid (some of us more than others), but pizza costs money.  We know that pizza is not free, so someone has to front the money…since I was hosting the party I was happy to do so as was Mr. Sawbuck and a couple of others.  This means that half the people in the room got to eat for free.

Some people would call them “moochers” (or in the healthcare scenario they would be called “foreigners”), but why should this bother me?

I got all the pizza I wanted, and our pizza system worked so well that a few extra people got fed along the way.  A national health-care plan massive enough to serve the United States is going to have problems.  I, for one, would rather not have a health-care system that has the huge problem of not enough people getting health-care rather have a health-care system that has the huge problem of too many people getting health-care.  People need pizza, and if I’ve got enough pizza to spare (which we would if we took all the money we paid into insurance and put it into health-care) I don’t mind moochers.   I realize that I can’t feed the who building, so I won’t leave my apartment door open with an invitation to raid my fridge…but if one or two of them sneak into my poker party and grab a slice, that’s cool with me.

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2 Responses to Speaking of Joe Wilson, what’s wrong with aliens getting healthcare?

  1. I am not so much concerned about aliens (although the thought of having to treat Martians does bother me just a bit); it’s just that once you feed them, you can NEVER get rid of them.

  2. Jason Tyne says:

    Okay, we’ll compromise…you won’t have to pay for medical care in the hospitals, but you will have to pay for food!

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