Halloween pictures: mission accomplished

There’s the “official” pictures that were downloaded onto the computer just before it went into the shop. Until we get it back, here’s the pictures that we took on Halloween proper.

This year’s costume wasn’t quite as esoteric as last year’s Suede and Stella, but it still took people took varying amounts of clues to figure it out.


Anyone that figured it out just from the cane got five points.

(I was going to paint the cane, but figured that doing it in PhotoShop and gluing flames on would look better.)

If I caught anyone eying me as if they were trying to place me, I’d bring out the Vicodin bottle and pop a pill.


If they got it at that point, they’d get four points.

(Thanks to Lil Sis for the prop.)

If they still looked perplexed, I’d take out the dry erase marker and write a symptom on my white board (aka Peeps).


Two points for guessing it at this stage.

(Notice what she’s holding.)

Last clue was she and I playing catch with the BOUO.

(Bonus points if you called it the “Ball of Unknown Origin”.)

One point if you guessed “House” at that point, two points if you guessed “Drug Addict Doctor” (which someone actually did), because really if you know who House is you should have gotten it several clues ago.


Pictures as soon as I can!

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