Quote of the Week: “Ruining my life was the best thing I ever did.”

A couple of weeks ago I posted that quote on Facebook and upset both my family, my wife, and many of our close friends.
Seriously, though, marrying Becky ruined my life.

When I went away to grad school, I had made plans with a certain theater in the city that when I returned I would live in the crawl space above the stage rent free in exchange for directing shows for them for free.

Then Becky came along.
…and ruined all of my dreams…utterly destroyed them.
…for the better of course.
Becky ruined my life and destroyed my dreams in the same way that Michelangelo ruined a perfectly good piece of marble to create the Pieta or in the same way that a baby chick destroys its egg in order to be born.
No longer was it so important to me to direct plays in New York City that I would sacrifice everything else in my life for that dream.
Everything I had planned no longer seemed as important as having her in my life and I’ve never regretted it.
Sometimes the thing that you think you want blinds you to other things that might be better for you.
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