Tiger Woods: Back on Top…of the New York Post’s Front Page

I am saddened to announce that this morning’s New York Post heralded the return of Tiger Woods.

Not that he’s coming back to sports…just that he’s coming back to the Front Page of the New York Post.

There are several things wrong with this news.  Usually this is my place to bitch about the fact that there are more important things that have happened in the world in the past 24 hours than a professional golf player’s illicit love-life.  The New York Post often disagrees, but the amount of disagreement is astounding even for them.  The headline (which is at least tertiary to selling a major hospital in the Village and a list of New York’s hottest Bachelors.  The third headline was Inside Tiger’s T-giving Brawl.

This means that the NY Post could not think of any more important news than an article about a professional golf player’s illicit love-life that is TWO MONTHS OLD.  Seriously?  I’ve given up on thinking about the Post as a journalistic newspaper, but if you’re going to be a gossip rag at least give me the latest gossip…not TWO MONTH OLD gossip.

Sheesh…anyway…the more important landmark in regards to this issue.

SDo you remember when the news of Tiger Wood’s affair first broke? Tiger was back-page news on November 28th (appropriate since the back page is reserved for sports news) and moved to the front page on November 29th.  That makes nineteen straight days that Tiger Woods was either the most important or second most important news story in the New York Post.  Okay I know that the Post is a rag, but even a rag sets precedents for itself on news coverage.  No other story in the history of the rag has ever taken up the front page for nineteen days straight….wait, that’s not true.  Hmmm…what other important news event of the decade might have been more important than Tiger Woods?  Obama’s election?  Nope, that only got eight days straight.  Oh, wait!  I remember!  That Twin Towers thing…let’s see…October 1st…not there…September 30th…there it is!  Oh, it happened on September 11th according to this article…19 days ago…it seems that according to the NY Post, Tiger Woods is exactly as newsworthy as the 9/11 attacks.

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