Who wants to make a film with me? The Bedazzler XP150!

EXT. Suburban Street. Spaghetti Western “face off” music is playing. Leaves blow by tumbleweed-style.

[Shot of a happy couple walks down the sidewalk.]

[Shot of a sniper hidden in a bush. He is holding a ridiculously large gun that looks like a cross between a supersoaker and something that the Terminator would carry.]

[Close-up shot of the happy couple laughing.]

When you need more from your rhinestone-studding tool…

[Close-up shot of the sniper taking aim.]

[Close-up shot of the sniper priming his gun.]

[Close-up shot of the happy man’s shoulder.]

…you need the Bedazzler Extra Power 150…

[Close-up shot of the sniper pulling the trigger.]

[Close-up shot of a stream of rhinestones.]

[Shot of the happy couple with the woman towards the camera. The man suddenly stops and grabs his shoulder, not in pain…but of confusion. The camera pans around to reveal a sunburst suddenly bedazzled on the happy man’s shoulder.]

[Long-shot of a paperboy passes behind them and up a driveway, the sniper in the foreground takes aim.]

[Close-up shot of the sniper firing his gun.]

[Shot of the paperboy reaching down to grab a paper and seeing a perfectly bedazzled star on his stachel.]

The XP 250 pumps out twice the rhinestones of regular Bedazzlers…

[Man comes out of his house in his bathrobe and waves to the paperboy.]

[Close-up shot of a stream of rhinestones.]

[Man looks down at his bathrobe and sees “Kate” in beautiful bedazzling.]

…reloads faster, too.

[Shot of the happy couple, woman’s back to us. Happy man looks down at Happy Woman’s shirt in awe, camer pans around to see a large flower bedazzled on her top that wasn’t previously there.]

[Shot of the paperboy peddling away as fast as he can, the happy couple running off in the other direction, and the bathrobe-man running to the middle of the street looking around in fear and confusion. The sniper steps into view holding his gun.]

The new extra-powerful XP150, from the next generation of Bedazzlers.

[Panning shot down a line of ever-bigger Bedazzlers]

Bedazzler XP is available in 75, 150, and 250 models (each sold seperately).

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