Proposed Mosque at Ground Zero Draws Protests‎

I have a word for you protesters out there, and that word is you are misguided in your protests.

It’s not that I disagree with you; it’s that you need to know what you’re arguing against:

There is not going to be a Mosque AT Ground Zero; it is 1,500 feet away.

This is what you should be fighting for: that no Mosque ever be built within 2,000 feet of the World Trade Center Attacks.

I don’t know what the counter protests are so mad about.  Muslims caused the attack, so they should stay 2,000 feet away from the sight.  This is a fair amount for a restraining order.

I know that not all Muslims caused the WTC attacks, but all the attackers were in fact Muslim.

It seems logical to me that if every member of a group causing an act of violence belongs to a single group of people (organized or not) that they should abide by a restraining order of 2,000 feet. For example, every assassination of a United States president was committed by an American citizen. Therefore it seems reasonable that every American citizen should stay at least 1,500 feet away from the President at all time, furthermore no American should be able to set up a home or a place of business within 1,500 of any of the President’s residences or places of business.

This is just the beginning.  We just have to think big.  Deaths involving American Presidents is a far greater number than those that died in the WTC attacks, so I’m thinking of…homicide.

There is no greater tragedy than homicides; except for death caused by accident or natural causes, there is no greater cause of death than homicide. There are an average of 500,000 homicides every year, every one of them is committed on Earth, and committed by a human being. The clear end of this line of reasoning is that every human being should stay at least 2,000 feet from the Earth’s surface at all times.

Yes, I support the banning of a Mosque in lower Manhattan…but I also support the immediate evacuation of Washington DC of American Citizens and the creation of space stations as a home to any human being that currently lives within 2,000 feet of the earth’s surface.  Only then will the world be safe.

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