Post 9/11 Protests: Nobody wants a Mosque at Ground Zero, so here’s a solution.

If there’s one thing this past weekend’s protests made clear is that nobody wants a Mosque at Ground Zero.  The anti-Mosque protest made that clear, and the pro-Mosque protest made it clear that the “Cultural Center” is going to be three blocks away.  Both groups agree that a Mosque actually at Ground Zero would be in poor taste.

Of course there are still protests because, at this point there’s no official definition of what constitutes the area known as Ground Zero.  The boundaries just aren’t clear.  The technical definition is the point of impact, so that would make it just the site of the Twin Towers.  Many people expand the definition to include the entire property of the World Trade Center which would make a Mosque off-limits.  So the solution to the whole Mosque issue is to define the boundaries of “Ground Zero” so we all agree where a Mosque would be disallowed.  I propose Manhattan; that way we can just all agree that a Mosque anywhere within the Borough of Ground Zero would be inappropriate.

…but I’m flexible.  I’m open to renaming New York City to Ground Zero City that way we can have grounds for protesting any Mosque built within the city limits.

Hell, why stop there?  I’m all for living in Ground Zero State rather than New York State…or what about the “United States of Ground Zero”

Hell, yeah!

I’m pretty sure that Canada and Mexico would be down for North Ground Zero, too!

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