A Simple Solution to the Very Complex Problems in This Country of Ours

The first step in solving the problems in America is identifying its cause. It isn’t terrorism, big government, or propaganda.

To me the answer is clearly anger.

This anger building up in our country is retarding our ability to have intelligent conversations. Instead of discussing the root causes of terrorism, evaluating our president on his successes and failures, considering the benefits and challenges of universal health care, we have reduced discussion to shouting matches:

“No Mosques in our neighborhood!”

“Obama’s a socialist!”

“Michael Moore hates America…and he’s fat, too!”

If everyone could take a deep breath and relax we could finally start talking about these issues.

Switching gears for a second:

Exactly one hundred years ago, dental fluorosis was a blight on American’s teeth. In respinse flouride was added to America’s water supply, and fifty years later fluoridation became an official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service eliminating the widespread rash of dental flourosis.

Back to today’s issue, the answer is simple:

All we have to do is add ritalin to America’s water supply, and within just a few years ritalization of America’s water supply will let us all calm the hell down and finally be able to discuss important issues with each other once more.

Shouldn’t that be what we all want?

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