What I Learned from the Midterm Elections: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

There was a period in my life when I was dating a girl that was into “post-hardcore” bands.  She would correct me whenever I called it “death metal”, but it seemed like a better description since listening to the music made me feel a little like wanting to die.  She would drag me to the shore and we’d sneak into clubs where we would listen to music until our ears and temporary hearing damage would occur.  Every part of the experience was unpleasant from the physical abuse that would take place in mosh pits leaving me battered and bruised to the violence and mysogeny of the lyrics. Eventually I broke up with her for the fear that my internal organs might actually liquify if I spent too much time and her deathcore friends. This was exactly the time when my college roommate introduced me to Weezer.  The blue album had just come out the year before and listening to it changed my life. Weezer renewed my faith in Alternative Rock, to which I had been disillusioned in high school.

But this was not to last.

For a decade Weezer fulfilled the hope that my heart needed, but then they put out Make Believe and my faith in Alternative Rock which had been firmly grounded in Weezer began to falter.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from this election, it is that once someone disappoints you you should turn my back on them and adopt the opposite of what they stand for even if those things have proven to be unpleasant and possibly damaging to my physical and mental well being.

Because of how betrayed I felt by Weezer’s lack of ability to fulfill the promise of rock, I will listen to death metal even though it makes my ears bleed

Weezer, I hold you single-handedly responsible for all of the ills of the music industry and thus I am looking to Bitch Magnet as not only the salvation of American music but of the entire free world music.

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