Global-Warming Related Trends that Can and Will Lead to a Snowball Effect

Geologists estimate that nearly 20 percent of the world’s undiscovered oil and natural gas may be lingering beneath the Arctic’s frigid water. (1)  Whether or not these geologists are correct was always largely a moot point as the oil and gas (if it existed) was utterly unreachable under the ice of the arctic.  But now, thanks to Global Warming caused largely by the burning of oil and natural gas, we have melted the arctic to the point where we can get at that oil and gas…which will allow us to increase global warming.

Perhaps as you are reading this you don’t believe in Global Warming.  I hate to cast aspersions, but intelligent people believe in Global Warming and unintelligent people don’t.  Here’s another trend that is going to make matters worse:

It turns out that those benumbed residents of Maine, Montana, and Minnesota have something to brag about. […] A significant negative association was found between state IQs and year-round temperatures.  Thus as environmental temperature decreases, the state IQ tended to increase. (2)

Conversely as the global temperature increases, our planetary IQ will tend to decrease.  If you think that people these days don’t believe in global warming because they aren’t intelligent enough, imagine how their kids are going to fare growing up in a climate warmer than their unintelligent parents!

We’ve got to fix global warming before we get too dumb to realize that it’s important!

(1) Trex, Ethan. “On Thin Ice”.  Mental Floss.  November-December 2010.

(2) retrieved Nov. 17, 2010.

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