Sorry for the Hiatus in Posting

I try to avoid blogging about my own life to avoid making the blog narcissistic, but my extended hiatus shows how busy the last few months have been.  As a stopgap I’ve decided to share ten big events that have happened to me in the near past, and then attempt to continue blogging regularly next week.  So, in no particular order:

1) I got kittens.

2) I celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary.

3) I curated my first art show.

4) I took a road trip from Charlotte, NC to New York, NY.

5) I taught myself to meditate.

6) I came to grips with several aspects of Christianity.

7) I made a threat that might just be an empty threat, but I’ll use my blog to prove that it’s not.

8) I gained two more points on the purity test (or did I lose them?  I always forget).

9) I applied to be on Wipeout.

10) I suddenly have vertigo when I sleep.

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