I am convinced that Mitt Romney is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama

Given Mitt Romney’s experience in the world of business and Obama’s fair-to-middling handling of the nation’s economy, I think that it is clear that a business mogul is the better choice of president than a constitutional academic.

Mitt Romney will always put his ability to make money ahead of all else, so you can be sure that he will do the same for the American economy.

For example, Mitt Romney invested $75 million in a company that disposes of medical waste including aborted fetuses from planned parenthood.  Although he is staunchly anti-abortion, he doesn’t mind making money off of other companies other people who perform abortions.

Another example is the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, which Romney oversaw.  If you remember these Olympics, they were criticized for its extreme expense and financial waste.  Obviously with Romney’s experience, he would have been able to run these games effectively.  Instead he chose to funneling money into absurd deals which gave Utah billionaires (who happen to be his friends) sweet deals and allowed them to make millions off portions of the game that should have cost a percentage of that.  That’s what happens when you put a shrewd businessman whose priority is on making money in charge of the Olympics.  His main priority will not be the Olympics, but how he can create profit off of it for himself and his business partners.

Although it’s clear that Mitt Romney is more well-equipped than Barack Obama to handle the job as president, I’m not sure why we should expect him to to the country first after decades of business practice that puts himself as a greater priority than the business he is in charge of…or even his own morality.

So yes, if Mitt Romney wanted to I’m sure that he could balance the budget, erase the national debt, and reform the country’s practices to put America on the right track to prosperity.

I’m just not convinced that he wants to.

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