To be fair, I am very much in favor of “good guys with guns”.

Since I’ve had a series of counter-pro-gun arguments in a row, I think it’s time I came clean. Although I think it’s idiotic to say that the ONLY way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, it is ONE way to deal with bad guys with guns. 

Since we are dealing with a situation where we want a higher goodguy-to-badguy ratio, shouldn’t we be more discriminate about whom we sell guns to? 

Anyone who wants less regulation on gun sales and ownership also wants less control over the goodguy-to-badguy ratio. 

If we really want more good guys with guns and less bad guys with guns, then it is essential that we have stricter gun regulation.  Good guys shouldn’t have anything to fear from background checks, waiting periods, and buying restrictions. 

If you are a good guy, you should have nothing questionable in your background to restrict your ability to buy a gun. 

Patience is a virtue, so a waiting period would go to prove that you are a thoughtful person not given to rash actions. 

And if you want an abnormal amount of firepower, say more than out would take to defend against a bad guy with a gun, then wouldn’t that logically make it more doubtful that you are a good guy? 
All “good guys” should be in favor of these types of restrictions; the only folks who would be against it are the “bad guys”.

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