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Global Warming versus Global-Warming Conspiracy: Who’s right?

If you watch Al Gore’s videos on global warming and John Coleman’s responses, they both have a lot of very convincing charts.  Since I’m not a scientist, I’m likely to believe whichever I’ve seen last. I mean…they both have charts! So … Continue reading

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Everything I know is wrong…except that last statement.

Why do we always remember the great thinkers of our time for being right?  It’s more impressive that before they thought they were right, they thought they were wrong.  Copernicus is remembered for proving that the planets rotate around the … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Costa Rican Sea Turtles: They don’t want your help!

My trouble grappling with this war comes from my disbelief that anyone in this country is still in support of it.  There has to be a large population of the country that still believes that Iraq is being made a … Continue reading

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