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Bedbugs have given me a deeper understanding of God.

Well…maybe they were bedbugs…maybe not. A couple of weeks ago my wife was getting bites on her arms and legs while she slept.  From what I knew of bug bites, these looked like spider bites.  After a week she found … Continue reading

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My New Sangha…or: Why it Took a Buddhist to Convince Me to Give Up Meat for Lent

I’m a flexitarian. I say that with pride because there are other flexitarians in the world (Michael Pollan) that are flexitarians for the right reasons. In reality I’m flexitarian for the wrong reasons: I’m just lazy. I know all the … Continue reading

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Conversations in the Elevator: An Update of an Old Buddhist Tale

There once was a very wealthy man who had everything he could possibly want…but he was discontent.  He wanted to know what was the point of it all.  He was told to seek out the Buddha.  At this time Buddha had … Continue reading

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