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Global-Warming Related Trends that Can and Will Lead to a Snowball Effect

Geologists estimate that nearly 20 percent of the world’s undiscovered oil and natural gas may be lingering beneath the Arctic’s frigid water. (1)  Whether or not these geologists are correct was always largely a moot point as the oil and … Continue reading

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Global Warming versus Global-Warming Conspiracy: Who’s right?

If you watch Al Gore’s videos on global warming and John Coleman’s responses, they both have a lot of very convincing charts.  Since I’m not a scientist, I’m likely to believe whichever I’ve seen last. I mean…they both have charts! So … Continue reading

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My Opinion on Climate Change, Part Two: Who Can You Believe?

I’m a skeptic.  If you tell me something without irrefutable proof, I’ll doubt it.  The planet is really getting warmer?  Really?  Not that I’ve noticed…see this guy over here says the planet is actually getting cooler.  That sounds doubtful to … Continue reading

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Sometimes My Little Efforts to Save the World for You Feel So Very Futile

Isaac and Rainbow are educational theater performers that I admire for putting on shows for children on a variety of subjects.  One of their shows deals with water conservation.  It was a good show and I was a little bit … Continue reading

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