In pre-production, the producers conduct a national search searching for women to be on reality TV to find the love of their life. They then select the ten most eligible bachelorettes and cast them on the show…but…they aren’t told that they have been cast or that the show has begun. The only person you tell is the bachelor who must select the woman he is going to propose to…without ever meeting her.

Round One: The 10 bachelorettes are invited to a restaurant for a “follow up” interview to their initial interview. During this time the bachelor is allowed to roam the restaurant, observe, and eavesdrop, but he is not allowed to talk to any of the contestants. After the observation round, he must choose one bachelorette to eliminate.

Round Two: The bachelor is given 9 bags of trash to sift through, one from each of the remaining bachelorettes. Based on the contents of their trash, he must eliminate another bachelorette.

Round Three: Each of the remaining bachelorettes is given flowers from a “secret admirer”. The bachelor poses as the flower deliveryman. He gets to write the message and pick out the flowers, and based on their reaction to their faceless paramour he has to eliminate another bachelorette.

Round Four: Each of the remaining bachelorettes is given a free housecleaning service. The bachelor (in a cunning disguise) must clean each of their apartments, and also use that hour to also go through their belongings to learn enough about each of them to eliminate another bachelorette.

Round Five: The bachelor again returns to the bachelorette’s work, this time not as a flower delivery man but as a potential employee. The bachelor must show up unannounced and submit an resume to be their assistant. He must score an interview to find out enough information about the bachelorette that he can eliminate one more.

Round Six: The bachelor is set up on a blind date with the bachelorettes’ best friends. Without alerting the friend to his ulterior motives, can he find out enough information to eliminate a bachelorette?

Round Seven: The bachelor is given home movies obtained by the producers. Based on watching intimate moments of her childhood on film he must eliminate another bachelorette.

Round Eight: With three bachelorettes remaining, the bachelor must spend a day following each of the remaining three bachelorettes. He must get as close to her as possible without getting caught. Based on a day of her life, he eliminates another bachelorette.

Round Nine: The remaining two bachelorettes arrive at the mansion thinking that they have arrived for the first day of the show. The bachelor must now reveal that he has actually been researching each of them for over a month and based on how much each bachelorette freaks out, he chooses his fiancee.

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