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Just War Theory-a 9/11 reflection

Since I’m down to blogging just once a year, I usually take 9/11 just to re-post my original thoughts on “remembrance day”. I’ve had new thoughts since then mostly because of a move down to the Bible belt (after living … Continue reading

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Bedbugs have given me a deeper understanding of God.

Well…maybe they were bedbugs…maybe not. A couple of weeks ago my wife was getting bites on her arms and legs while she slept.  From what I knew of bug bites, these looked like spider bites.  After a week she found … Continue reading

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Why Being a Christian Sucks

The great thing about being atheist is that you can live by whatever moral code you choose.  Is stealing and lying wrong?  Most people think so, religious or not, but atheists get to write and rewrite their relative morality moment by moment. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Relative Morality

Absolute morality, like all things absolute, does not work in the real world.  It is easily dispelled as soon as you bring up a situation like a gunman in a schoolroom of children killing them off one by one and … Continue reading

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An Open Letter of Support for Mr. McCance and his Christian Values

Dear Mr. McCance, First of all thank you for being brave enough to call fags out when most Christians choose to turn a blind eye on the problem.  I was wondering if I could ask your advice on that subject.  I … Continue reading

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Three Things to Do to Prepare for Your 9/11 Anti-Mosque Protest

With this new “controversy” about the “Ground Zero” Mosque, it’s vitally important to get perspective before planning and/or attending your protest.  9/11 is just days away, and there’s not much time to prepare!  I’ve prepare a list of three visits … Continue reading

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Shoveling the Driveway – An Object Lesson

The snow that fell right before the new year was a pretty dry snow; it was thick, heavy…the kind that’s hard to shovel.  If it’s wet the shovel scoops it up in thick clumps, because the snow sticks to itself.  … Continue reading

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Everything I know is wrong…except that last statement.

Why do we always remember the great thinkers of our time for being right?  It’s more impressive that before they thought they were right, they thought they were wrong.  Copernicus is remembered for proving that the planets rotate around the … Continue reading

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The Jesus Year: What did you achieve by the time you were thirty-three?

At the age of thirty Jesus started his ministry; three years later he saved all of humanity.  Turning thirty-three is your “Jesus Year”, and it’s a tough act to foll.  When I turned thirty I made it a plan to … Continue reading

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I apologize for my lack of post last week, it was a really crazy week…

To make up for it, I’ll post a two-parter today. Feel free to come back and read the second half on Thursday to spread out the entertainment. If you’re not even going to read the first post, here’s the interesting … Continue reading

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